Chi siamo - Professional Usb

Born from an idea

We are what we do

Creativity, passion and a desire to impress. ProfessionalUsb® is an ingenius idea: transforming a simple accessory - the USB memory stick or the keyring - into an object that represents you, the way you are and what you do. Designed to give your day a touch of colour, this fantastic accessory will turn heads, just like you!

Connesse al tuo mondo

Tiny but with a strong personality

More than a simple memory stick, ProfessionalUsb® are the tiny objects with a big personality, created by our talented artist. Pencil drawings are digitally processed and then produced in 3D. Detail, style and home-grown talent, are the perfect ingredients for creating our ingenious characters, designed down to the last detail.

Connected to your world

To combine imagination and technology: this is the philosophy which guides every creation we make. Even a small detail, an accessory which is part of everyday life whether private or professional, can express a message or simply tell a story- yours.

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