Male Doctor – USB Pen Drives

The USB 8 Gb "Doctor"Pen Drive is perfect for doctors: a touch of unmistakable italian design. Are you a student and do not know where to keep your notes of the last lesson? Are you a doctor who likes to take home your work so as to be up to date and active? The USB 8 Gb "Doctor" Pen Drive is then a tool that you cannot miss.

A miniature "colleague" that can turn into a nice professional gadget.

Storage Capacity
Find out how much music, documents, images and videos your USB key can contain*.

1024 8192 2720 35

* Approximate data considering the standard size.


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Technical Information

Width 39 mm
Design personalizzato
Interface type Hi-Speed USB
Memory 8G
Interface specification USB 2.0
Interface 1 x Hi-Speed USB Ð USB Tipo A 4 pin
Min working temperature 0 gradi
Max working temperature 60 gradi
Required Operative System Microsoft Windows 7


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Male Doctor – USB Pen Drives

Male Doctor – USB Pen Drives

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